About Venner International Properties Company

VIPCO was founded in 1989 as Venner International Products
Company. Our firm first entered the arena of international
trade to lease, fund and
acquire large aircraft. We have worked
with heavy-lift passenger, freight
aircraft and helicopters all
are commercial transports.

Venner International had opportunities to work with many
countries around
the world regarding acquisition and leasing of
this type of aircraft. Desert
Storm and political changes in Europe
and Asia led VIPCO to expand into
other areas of the import
and export business.

VIPCO has worked with a range of products ranging from
high technology products to agricultural products. We have
had the opportunity to work
with technology transfer,
manufacturing of products in foreign countries, soft goods
shipments and the import of seafood from Asia (People’s
Republic of China, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia and
VIPCO has many years of experience negotiating
with countries all
over Asia, Latin America and Europe. The
strength of VIPCO has
always been the ability to research data
and make it a usable tool for negotiations and acquisitions
for our company and for our clients.

In 1998 our group decided to focus more on activities at home
the decision was made to concentrate on Banking, Finance and
Real Estate in the Southern United States. This Transition has
been successful.

We rarely work an international or technology ventures
it shows unique promise or we can remove the
common risks,
before we start putting a transaction together.
This starts with
truth from clients, financial capability for all
parties to work
honestly and under the “Golden Rule” to make
the idea or
transaction happen. EXIM is a tough business and involves
complete honesty and trust from all parties involved.

VIPCO operates as Venner International Properties Company.
We concentrate on the acquisition, improvement, marketing
and development of Commercial and Residential Real Estate.
We prefer to work towards purchase of improved properties
over raw land and agricultural projects. We find that at this
time in the market, residential real estate provides us the
most opportunity as opposed to Commercial were properties
are being purchased at low rates of return even for problem
properties leaving little true upside potential for the investor.

VIPCO is a research based organization. We concentrate on
single family for the present because this market offers us the
opportunity to purchase, renovate and market projects with
First Texan Realty Group at a favorable rate of return.

We feel we have the advantage of professional Real Estate
analysis, economic knowledge, and expertise in the financial
markets. The marketing capability, good construction, estimation
skills and the ability to sell our projects through First Texan as
a Realtor® making for a smooth marketing operation. We find
that being a professional in Real Estate and the in-depth research
that we have done to enter residential leads to a high rate of return
on cash invested.

In the year 2008 we plan on raising funds though a private
placement to have the funds to have many units going at one
time and make a high rate of return for the investors in this
venture. This will involve the purchase of financially troubled
projects and the situational lending (Hard Money) to other investors
at a high rate of return and lower than normal loan to value ratio.
All of the transactions will be secured by a hard asset (Real Estate)
and located in the State of Texas, in this state foreclosure is
non-judicial in nature and the market has not seen the huge
increase in pricing.

We at Venner International Properties Company are excited about
the future of North Texas Real Estate and the Dallas- Fort Worth

VIPCO is an ongoing project the story continues...